The essential tool – in so many varieties! A good needle is a stitcher’s best friend. Magic Hour is proud to offer a great selection of fine quality needles in many brands, types and sizes.

In olden days, a really good needle would be handed down from mother to daughter. Now we can have a great variety of sizes and types with just a click of a mouse.

Needles for cross stitch and other needle arts are sized usually from 24 to 28, with 24 being a larger needle with a wide eye. It is often used for lower count fabrics such as 11 and 14 Aida. They are also often used to make it easier to stitch with metallic thread on any count fabric. A size 28, a fine needle with a smaller eye, is used for higher count Aidas, such as 18 or 22 count Hardanger, and for Luganas and Linens.