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These are the step-by-step instructions for different kinds of cross stitch techniques.

It’s the Count that COUNTS

What’s the difference in the various sizes of holes and threads, or “counts” of aida cross stitching cloth? That’s a question that is often asked by beginners, and even more experienced stitchers are sometimes a little fuzzy on the definitions. The term “count” refers to the number of threads, holes or stitches (which will all […]

How to Cross Stitch in 10 Simple Steps

By Donna Murphy 1.  Assemble your gear Pattern Fabric Floss Needle Scissors (these are the essentials) Pink and Yellow Highlighters Hoop or Qsnap Needleminder (these are helpful but not essential) 1    2. Find the center stitch on your pattern. Look for the little triangle arrows at the top and the left side. Whether the arrow is pointing to […]