White or Antique White

White, or Antique White? Aye, there’s the rub! All quotes aside, it’s the eternal question, isn’t it? It’s not always an easy decision to make because the best choice varies from pattern to pattern. But there are some universal truths about either colour. Let’s start with their DMC colour matches: White – DMC: BLANC Antique […]

My Magic Hour: A Product Tour – 28 Count Opalescent Lugana

Hello, stitchers! Serena here again with a blog series this time! I’m calling it My Magic Hour: A Product Tour (like an artist’s “best of” tour but I can still be in the privacy of my own home to bring it to you!) So, what is a “product tour”? It works thusly: I use a […]

Happy Stitching Podcast – Episode 6 – Working With Variegated

https://magichourcrossstitchsupplies.podbean.com/e/episode-6-working-with-variegated/ Yes! That’s right! We’re back and stitch-y-er than ever! In this episode we tackle working with variegated floss with tips on customizing your project with variegated floss, how to make the most of your variegation and when to use it. We also discuss some options to do with finishes and our own personal preferences […]

Gridding – Pen or Thread?

Tips on Gridding your Fabric Hello, stitchers!  Donna here with a few tips, do’s and don’t on Gridding. Gridding is a subject that gets a lot of attention in cross stitching Facebook groups, workshops and anywhere else that stitchers gather. There are good reasons to grid.  It certainly helps with keeping counts, especially for “cross […]

General Benefits of Cross Stitch

            There are many benefits to cross stitch, and when stitchers are asked, their responses usually fall into one of these categories: Focus:  Stitching allows the mind to concentrate on one thing, instead of being distracted or scattered over everything else that is going on.  It provides a distraction from worry, and the creative process is often associated […]

How to Cross Stitch in 10 Simple Steps

By Donna Murphy 1.  Assemble your gear Pattern Fabric Floss Needle Scissors (these are the essentials) Pink and Yellow Highlighters Hoop or Qsnap Needleminder (these are helpful but not essential) 1    2. Find the center stitch on your pattern. Look for the little triangle arrows at the top and the left side. Whether the arrow is pointing to […]