Waste Canvas – What is it?

Waste Canvas gives you the structure needed for stitching on ordinary fabrics.  Just baste your waste canvas in place, then stitch as you would on any 14 count Aida.  When you are finished your stitching, simply wet the waste canvas thoroughly, and the threads can pull out and leave just your stitching on your garment, bag or whatever.

Available in 27″ (68.6 cm), in full yard 36″ (91.4 cm) or half yard (45.7 cm) Just click this link! https://magichourcrossstitchsupplies.com/product/waste-canvas-removable-aida-fabric-14-count/

Waste canvas is very easy to use, just like any 14 count Aida – with a few differences.

Tips for using Waste Canvas:

  • Use a sharp needle to make it easier to pierce the regular fabric underneath. Try to place your stitches in the center of each hole.
  • You may want to test stitch a small area to determine the best number of strands for your project. It may not be the same as when stitching on Aida or other cross stitch fabric.
  • For choosing an item on which to stitch using Waste Canvas, keep in mind that fabrics without stretch or pile (plushiness) will be easier. However, having said that, I have used it to put a rose on a fleece sweater and it came out quite nice!
  • For fabrics with pile, and you will want to keep your stitches snug so as to “squish” down the pile with your stitching. A pattern with not too many unstitched areas between stitches is better, so the pile doesn’t cover up the edges of the stitching.
  • For stretchy fabric, again the tension is something to watch. If you pull too tightly, it will distort the fabric underneath and make ripples in your finished stitching instead of it laying flat. Just a nice gentle touch will do the job, not too loose. Remember that the area you stitch will not be stretchy.
  • If you have any questions about the use of this product, please ask!  You can email me at Donna@MagicHourCrossStitchSupplies.com.  We’re here to help!

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